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Mind Reading - A Practical Introduction

Mind Reading - A Practical Introduction

ByDean Amory

It takes love for people and willingness to study their psyche, culture, habits and trends to become a good mind reader. Yet Mind Reading is a skill, and like with all skills, training and exercising are required in order to become good at it. To the individuals that do make the effort however, the rewards are numerous: Mind Reading enhances our observational talents and our insight in what makes people tick, it improves our communicative capacities, makes us used to being in the spotlight and requires that we learn to handle its seducing powers. A good mind reader therefore is much more than just that: he's also a good communicator, a good coach and teamleader, a good mediator and sales person. Above all that, my wish to you is that your newly acquired powers will also make you a better person, a better partner and lover!


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Nov 3, 2011
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By (author): Dean Amory



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