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A Leaf In Freefall

ByDean Cracknell

The world is full of wonders and in an infinite number of parallel worlds there are an infinite number of parallel wonders. Wonders like: I wonder where banks go on their holidays? Or how heavy are clouds? Then perhaps the perennial conundrum of just what happens to lost socks is something that has no logical explanation outside the metal drum of a washing machine or the parallel world of the sock-drawer. To some there are the simpler imponderables, like why do holes keep appearing in my house? Why is Alice more famous than her elder sister? What is the disembodied voice of Charon, the ferryman who ferries the dead over the River Acheron to Hades, actually trying to say? And how do you pronounce Persephone? The answers to several questions such as these can be found amid the numerous pages of A Leaf In Freefall and in a parallel universe far, far away; some of these are even the right answers, but not necessarily all of them.


Publication Date
Nov 3, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Dean Cracknell



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