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Entity Unknown

Entity Unknown

ByDebra Sue Johnson

To be within my skin would be a slow death to others. A life of pure torture. Torture of the unknown of what is to come and what will be after it is over. A life that changes with each touch of one who can transmit that everlasting tingle of my limbs. A touch I once yearned for is now a touch I despise. Do not touch me. Do not be fooled by my exterior physical appearance, it is what lies beneath this stranger’s skin that I am. What am I? I am an entity unknown in a world known only by those who possess this horrible death threat. It is a death that can come tomorrow or a death that can never come. Only the next touch can reveal my next adventure. Adventure. What I possess is certainly not an adventure for an adventure has an ending and I do not see an end anywhere in sight. How did I become this entity unknown? Let me explain from the beginning, then perhaps you will feel what I feel and never again place your hands upon a stranger.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Debra Sue Johnson



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