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Spoken English Course

ByDeepak Thakur

As a citizen of a non-English speaking country, I was not fluent enough in English 10 years back. I attended a few classes but not for a longer period of time as I thought the teaching was not helping me much in improving my communication. I did a lot of research and followed some of the good English speakers in the world and after intensively digging on the internet, media and my surroundings, I came to know that what is being taught in the classroom to improve English has nothing or a very little to do with the real Spoken-English. I am not against English teachers neither I dislike classroom training I am just putting in words what I have experienced during my journey in becoming a fluent English speaker. What is more astonishing and surprising is that, most of the English learners are fully aware of the grammar and that is exactly what is being taught to them in the classrooms. Almost every English learner understands the usage of grammar but when it comes to speaking for about 5 minutes on any topic they fumble, they are unable to collect words in their mind to express themselves. These people understand simple English, if someone is speaking to them in English they are able to understand but cannot speak on their own. Some people can speak on few topics but when it comes to narrate or tell something which has the usage of specific words, they start finding the words but in the absence of an appropriate word they make a sentence in a way that looks lengthy and unprofessional. There are so many specific words which denote the specific expression or meaning. You look great while speaking in English if you use the words perfectly and have vocabulary if not for everything but on the common topics. People read newspapers, watch movies to improve their vocabulary and some of them even try to memorize the words. All of these methods are nice but the problem is, suppose today you learned some words to explain the beauty of a girl and tomorrow something else. People are not consistent in reading neither these materials will ensure to give you vocabulary on everything. There comes the need of writing this book. I have struggled to accumulate different sets of vocabulary during my journey to become a fluent speaker and my mission is that no one should struggle as much as I did. I have put my entire 10 years of experience in this book and arranged words for 80 most common situations. If you read a chapter daily within a span of 80 days you will have a vocabulary


Publication Date
Aug 27, 2020
Education & Language
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By (author): Deepak Thakur



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