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The Prodigal Monarch

ByDerrick M. English

Princess Renaia was not as excited about the fiftieth Festival of Renewal, the biggest celebration in Oshaia, as she should be. Plagued by dreams of imminent danger, she reluctantly accepts her uncle King Zhareth’s decision to name her heir to the throne. When her uncle dies suddenly, Renaia is left alone to face unimaginable perils. King Trafarg of Traunzea, still bitter over losing the old war fifty years earlier, attacks Oshaia vowing this time to gain control over the Mines of Magic and seek his revenge. Overcome with grief and fear, Renaia takes solace in her forbidden lover, Sir Tulmor, only to learn that he was responsible for Zhareth’s death. When Renaia is captured by the Traunzeans and abused by their sinister king, she realizes her only hope is to escape to the dreaded Rhune Forest to seek the help of the all-powerful Rhune Sisters before all is lost. However, this time Trafarg’s zealous desire to control the Mines of Magic and destroy Oshaia just might win out!


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Derrick M. English



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