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List Building School

ByDestiny O Ebare

An email list is like a handy list of subscribers. It is a list of email IDs that you have gathered from people, usually over time. These are people who have seen what you have to offer and have allowed you to send information whether in the form of updates or promotions for a service that you offer directly to their inbox. And you need not be running a business to have an email list. For example, many bloggers maintain email lists. So, every time they post a new piece on their blog, the content of that post goes straight to the inbox of their subscribers which saves the receiver the hassle of having to check the blog for updates. It is also used by those who send out newsletters. It is basically a database of email IDs that can be tapped to send bulk updates. This is used as a strategy for


Publication Date
May 10, 2022
Business & Economics
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Destiny O Ebare



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