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Better Than All The Rest

Better Than All The Rest

ByDoug McNaught

The Bible introduces some important concepts into our language. One of the most important is that of the redemption. When God gave Israel the Law he told them that relatives were required to look after each other. When a person got into trouble their family was required to help them recover from their problems. Sometimes the only person who could help was God and he was their Redeemer. In the New Testament we find that Christ has come to be the Redeemer. He is the perfect example of the perfect Redeemer. Better than all the Rest celebrates the fact that Christ is the prefect Redeemer, who is better than any other redeemer in human history. Doug McNaught has been a Bible teacher for over thirty years. He was the editor of a Christian magazine for five years and was also the president of a Bible School. He continues his itinerant preaching ministry and spends his time writing these days.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Doug McNaught



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