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Why I Try to Rest One Day Each Week

ByDr. Joda L. Collins

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For years, I worked every day. Health problems followed. I almost died. None can violate scripture without penalty. I thought God expected work as long as work was there. Ministry is never done and the wise (Bible-based) Christian rests before God "makes him lie down" in sickness. I thought a "day of rest" was a "change of activity". But, when God says "rest", He means "rest" not "different activity". Now, I make a serious effort to take a day off from activity, mental and physical, every week. Sometimes a full day of rest is impossible or impractical. However, try. Some professing Christians "stumble" and/or get upset over this even though a full day of rest is clearly a biblical concept! How strange. I think you will find this 8-page booklet informative and interesting. Click on the green words (book titlte) at the top of this paragraph (above price) and once at the next page, click "Download (this book) for Free." To view more of my books go to Collins. Thank you.


Publication Date
Apr 4, 2006
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Dr. Joda L. Collins


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