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Are you depressed in Life, struggling from addiction(s), hoping for a better life, rejected, afflicted, or having suicidal thoughts, name it. I am here to tell you that there is a way out; The Absolute Grace of God is the way out. Resting in the Absolute Grace of God gives you victory over them and produces evidential results only if you believe. Jesus Christ did it all for you so that you can live free from all these and have a better life. Just give Him a chance today by accepting (believing) Him as your Lord and personal saviour. The only way we can be partakers of the Absolute Grace of God is through believing. All that Jesus Christ did at the cross of Calvary for us is permanent, total, and cannot be outdone or erased hence the name Absolute Grace - Just Believe. Absolute Grace is Grace and Grace in full. This book "Absolute Grace - Just Believe" opens your eyes to your identity in Christ Jesus. It Spurs you to live a victorious life knowing that Jesus Christ has done it all for you. It is focused on Jesus Christ, His Love, His grace, and our identity in Him. This book is for all who want to live an extraordinary life in Christ Jesus. It is a book that reveals Jesus Christ in a deeper way and gives you access to the love of God. This book shapes our belief so that we start living right and start producing evidential results of the Grace of God. This book helps us understand our identity in Christ Jesus and brings the victory Jesus Christ obtained to our reality through believing. Absolute grace - Just believe is an inspirational book that will inspire you regardless of where you are at this point in your life to believe and know exclusively that Jesus Christ has finished the work for you at the cross. It is based on my personal experience and encounter with the Holy Spirit who transformed my mind and made me know and receive the love of God in Christ Jesus. This book is a must-read for all who want to experience positive changes in every aspect of their lives. It's a book that transforms the mind of any individual to receive directly from God the Father what the blood of Jesus Christ has obtained for us at the cross. This is a book for all who really need a way out of their life situations. It is a book that calls everyone to rest in the finished work of Jesus Christ by relying on His Absolute Grace. You have no excuse not to be great, start exploring the book already as each chapter is thrilling about the love of Jesus Christ.


Publication Date
Aug 2, 2022
Religion & Spirituality
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