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falling in love with lacing

corsetry brings this couple ever closer together

ByEmily Masters

There's something supremely captivating about corsets, as the couple in this love story about lacing discover as they become closer by cinching one another in stiffly boned brocade. It starts with David being seduced by what Sarah's wearing, instinctively drawn to her eye-catching corset at a costume party, but it isn't long before he's tightly laced too! Falling ever deeper under the spell of these fascinating garments, he'll find himself wearing much more before his new girlfriend is satisfied, becoming her doll, her princess and her maid as their budding relationship develops into full bloom. Corsetry brings this couple together, but luxurious lingerie and fairytale dresses also play a part in a most provocative romance. Helplessly lost in a world of wonderfully womanly attire, the corseted man at the centre of it all can only surrender to his girlfriend's whims - from fooling about in corsets to wearing them more seriously, it's all about falling in love with lacing.


Publication Date
Jul 5, 2020
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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