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in the fitting clinic

there's no defying the doctor's decision

ByEmily Masters

It's embarrassing enough for a man to have to show that he wears panties, but what if he must do so in front of the doctor who prescribed him such unmanly underwear? In these stories about submission to lingerie, men must swallow their pride as part of their treatment, expected to surrender to bras and chastity devices if their condition is to improve. Whether such shameful therapy is intended to cure a man of his masturbation habit, or simply aims to make him less selfish, one thing is sure - he'll suffer indignities at the hands of women in white coats, humiliated by unsympathetic professionals. Physical inspections combine with psychological explorations to expose a submissive man's most intimate secrets, leaving him unable to deny anything when his body betrays him. With his manhood scrutinised by cruel nurses as he's made to perform, he's destined for further disgrace, having to accept whatever the therapist agrees with his wife when he finds himself in the fitting clinic.


Publication Date
Jun 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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