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Mistress Expects Makeup

These Sissies Need to Look Pretty to Please!

ByEmily Masters

What sort of sissy wears make-up? A sissy who must amuse his mistress, perhaps wearing only lingerie as he shows her how eager he is to please! Locked in a chastity device as he applies lipstick, mascara and eye-shadow, he can hardly be thought of as much of a man, even before she has him entertain her friends with yet more shameful submission! Only by trying to make his face look feminine can he hope to escape otherwise endless frustration, but he's more likely to earn women's laughter as he desperately tries to emulate them. In these stories about sissies wearing make-up, submissive men must accompany their bras and panties with cosmetics, leaving no doubt about their disgrace. Lips, nails and eyes all need emasculating treatment, with the humiliating results being impossible to hide - especially when these men are sent shopping for more! Foundation, eyeliner and female deodorant add to the fun, but a sissy has little choice about what he wears when his mistress expects make-up.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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