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Office Obedience

When Women Are In Charge, Men Do As They Are Told!

ByEmily Masters

When those at the top of a company are commanding women, it's only natural that those at the very bottom should be men, in so far as any man who has to work as a feminized secretary can still be considered such. The busy businesswomen in these stories about female-led offices have far more important things to do than deal with the mundanities of the workplace, but their demands on their male subordinates don't stop at merely expecting copying, typing and filing! All love to make the duties of their underlings as difficult and demeaning as possible, employing punishment and humiliation to prevent the men who work for them from ever forgetting their place. There can be no doubt who's in charge when a man has to wear a bra beneath his blouse to please his boss, but that's only the start of what these submissive male secretaries must suffer for the amusement of their female superiors. Each will have to accept embarrassment and emasculation in order to demonstrate his office obedience.


Publication Date
Aug 1, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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