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unable to change

unable to change

sissies locked in skirts and dresses

ByEmily Masters

Some men find it exciting to wear women's clothing - at least, for a little while! But what happens when a sissy can't take off an unmanly outfit, instead having to stay dressed for as long as his wife says? Feelings of embarrassment and emasculation are sure to come to the fore, turning previously thrilling garments into troublesome affairs - especially when other people are there! In these stories about men locked in women's clothes, submissive husbands find themselves stuck in skirts and dresses, struggling even to undo their bras because of the locks with which their wives enforce their decisions. Sexy soon becomes shameful, with arousing attire rapidly losing its appeal when a man must remain trapped in it for much longer than he would like! Will he be permitted to hide what he has to wear, or will his wife delight in presenting him to her friends? Whether or not he's prevented from pulling down his panties, he'll be in for a provocative time, thanks to being unable to change!


Publication Date
Jun 1, 2024
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Emily Masters



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