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Flat Earth FAQ

Flat Earth FAQ

ByEric Dubay

Flat Earth has long been denigrated, derided and disparaged as being the most crackpot of all conspiracy theories, marginalized, mocked and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant ancient unscientific worldview, but the facts of the matter are far from what you have been told. When thoroughly examined and diligently researched with an open-mind, any skeptical critical-thinker will find it is actually the tilting, wobbling, spinning space-ball Earth promoted by NASA and taught in schools that is truly ridiculous and unscientific. Flat Earth FAQ is the ultimate reference guide for concise, comprehensive answers to the most frequently asked flat Earth questions accompanied with detailed drawings, maps, memes, charts, and full color photographs as helpful visual aids. Written by the President of the International Flat Earth Research Society and author of several other flat Earth books and documentaries, Eric Dubay recommends Flat Earth FAQ as both an ideal introduction to the subject for beginners, and a perfect coffee-table book for established flat earthers looking to tackle all the typical talking points.


Publication Date
Feb 23, 2023
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Eric Dubay



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