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Getting Personal

ByEve Moore

Jessie's sister was the one to bring the newspaper ad to her. As far as she was concerned, this was all Vicki's fault. Jessie had been writing to Seth for months and now he was coming to see her. Jessie had been badly hurt before. Now she was bordering on a nervous breakdown… How could she bring a man into their lives that she had met with a newspaper ad? Seth was a throw back from the old west. He is chivalrous, stubborn, gorgeous and he calls her…of all things, woman! As an authentic cowboy would, he wears a Stetson, owns and operates a ranch and for some reason wants her and her son in his life. All he is asking of her is to put her faith, heart, trust and the well being of her child in his hands. Jessie already loves Seth; she just can't bring herself to trust in a love that started from a newspaper ad. However, Seth being the Alpha male that he is will not tolerate anything less that 100% of what Jessie has to give. Their arguments are hilarious and their make-ups are filled with passion.


Publication Date
Oct 8, 2009
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Eve Moore



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