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Blindsight is 2020

Why the Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates were a really bad idea: reflections from scientists, philosophers, artists, and more

ByGabrielle Bauer

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Did the Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates serve society’s best interests? Science alone can’t answer the question. Philosophers have important things to say about it. So do psychologists, economists, novelists, and lawyers. The 46 thinkers showcased in this book, drawn from a variety of disciplines and political persuasions, agree on one thing: the policies crossed the line and the world lost its way. Some are internationally famous, others merely brilliant. Together, they hone in on the social and ethical breaches of the Covid era, such as emotional manipulation, disregard for civil liberties, and a stubborn refusal to consider the harms of freezing society. The author also recounts her own efforts to make sense of the Covid landscape, from Zoom psychotherapy to a visit to lockdown-free Sweden. The book challenges us to survey the damage of the Covid-19 policies from diverse angles, its voices offering fresh perspectives on the greatest social upheaval in modern history. “An elegant and beautiful writer." ~ Julie Ponesse, Chair, Ethics and Law Committee, Canadian Covid Care Alliance, former philosophy professor at the University of Western Ontario “Really nicely written.” ~ David Bell, Executive Committee, PANDATA, former coordinator of the WHO’s malaria diagnostics strategy “A wonderful summary of complex ideas, with a beautiful personal tone.” ~ Zubin Damania, assistant professor of medicine, University of Las Vegas, host of the Internet’s most popular medical show “Honored to be included in this book.” ~ Aaron Kheriaty, Director, Program in Bioethics and American Democracy, Ethics and Public Policy Center “A compelling blend of down-to-earth storytelling and journalistic chops, and a perfect launching point for reflecting on the fallout of the pandemic response. Bauer collects the voices of a wide range of insightful people who should have been part of the conversation about how to manage Covid.” ~ Yvon Wang, associate professor of history, University of Toronto “This is great.” ~ Jenin Younes, Litigation Counsel, New Civil Liberties Alliance “A well-written account exploring important questions about the pandemic.” ~ Zeb Jamrozik, bioethicist, Monash Bioethics Centre & University of Oxford "Many of the people featured in this book have had their views and values caricatured in media coverage of Covid policy. Gabrielle Bauer captures them with respect, accuracy and nuance as a basis for properly informed debate." ~ Robert Dingwall, Emeritus P


Publication Date
Feb 7, 2023
Science & Medicine
Creative Commons NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
By (author): Gabrielle Bauer


Perfect Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
Digest (5.5 x 8.5 in / 140 x 216 mm)

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