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Composite Bible: Gospels

ByGary Rose

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The Composite Bible is an effort to understand what God has said, in the order it was presented. Jew and Christians of the first century would know the Bible as The Law, The Prophets and The Psalms. Within these three groupings, the order of the books were placed in the order of importance; those of greater importance were placed first. In the New Testament, the letters written to the Jews (the general or catholic epistles) were placed first and those to the gentiles afterward. Today, there are many easy-to-read Bible versions, but their shortcoming is that they take great liberty with text translation. The very literal Bible versions are more accurate, but more difficult to read. My solution to this problem is to use a relatively easy-to-read version and compare it to a more difficult one and then to a still more difficult one. The overall understanding (a composite one) leads the reader to further study and comprehension of what the text says.


Publication Date
Dec 25, 2010
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): Gary Rose


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