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Rox's Championship Foxy Boxing

ByGemma Rox

Explicit Content
It’s the third book in our Foxy Boxing series and things are getting HOT in more ways than one. The opening fight of the night sees Jenni Novelli step in the ring once more this time against French Fighter Simone Dupree. Can the new girl get her first win? Or will it be Vive La France? Our second fight sees Sarah Donovan continue her warpath through the RCFB Roster… Will Candy Cole be able to put the blonde fighter down? And then it’s time for the main event… Jenny “Jugs” Jones vs Misty “Melons” Monroe. Once upot a time these two were pornstars and VICIOUs rivals… both queens of the porn world whenever they found themselves on set together the action got nasty. Over time… that hate turned to passion… that turned to love and now the hottest porn couple in the business are married! But the question always remained… who was the tougher wife? So they’ve decided to put their blissful marriage on hold for one night as they answer that question in the ring! This book contains 112 pages of raunchy, Foxy Boxing action


Publication Date
May 13, 2021
Comics & Graphic Novels
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (artist): Gemma Rox



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