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Inspiration - A Tabletop Rpg Deckbuilding Game

ByGerard Gully

Looking for an RPG highly different than what you've played before? Want an RPG system that new players can learn in a couple minutes? Then check out Inspiration! Inspiration is a fantasy deck building tabletop RPG. It combines the strategic fun of building a deck and uses it as the core character building mechanic. This isn't a CCG or TCG; all the cards needed to play are in this package. This download comes with the core rules, all 8 core classes, and all 388 power cards for the classes. It also comes with weapons, magic items, and pre-made monsters. This is the complete package of a tabletop RPG; the only thing you'll need is a set of standard RPG dice, grid paper for battles, and optional miniatures for each character. This system is meant to be simple enough that anyone could learn to play, making it a great introduction RPG. The deck-building system also adds a layer of strategy for veteran RPG players!


Publication Date
Jan 7, 2015
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Gerard Gully



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