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Time Stood Still

Time Stood Still

ByGodwin Gay

We are all affected by relationships, whether with each other, with ourselves or with others in relationships. We are more liberated in making choices however instead of tempering our choices for good, we mostly 'pervert' those choices for bad, increasing pain and decreasing hope, faith, truth and love. All This is a result of laxed moral constraints. I do not believe there is any confusion about what is or what is not moral, neither do i believe it is about personal choice, deep down we all know right from wrong, our souls tells us so. If we have to hide or cover up our activities then it is a near certainty we are doing wrong. This book takes us through a roller coaster ride of many issues.No doubt many could relate and I hope many parallels seen. It took me more than three years to write and is written in a poetic ballad style to make things more interesting.


Publication Date
Feb 20, 2007
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By (author): Godwin Gay



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