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Bi Swap

ByHenri Couesnon

Explicit Content
DESCRIPTION: When a husband and wife are both bisexual swingers, anything can happen when they entertain at home. Laurent has already thought about having sex with his wife Noelle’s lover. Now he’s looking forward to an intimate dinner party, when he’ll have a chance meet the boyfriend’s girlfriend. Noelle is eager to get to know her lover’s significant other, too. Seduction is definitely on the menu. EXCERPT: Noelle and Laurent had what they thought was an ideal marriage, although other, more conservative, couples might have disagreed. But the open-minded, hedonistic husband and wife had little regard for convention, or for the prejudices of other people. In her early thirties, the dark-haired, voluptuous Noelle was a woman, not a girl. But, far from detracting from her natural allure, her maturity seemed to make her even more desirable to men—and to other women. She was like a ripe, juice-swollen fruit, overflowing with sweetness, and just begging to be plucked from the tree and bitten into—to be tasted and devoured, over and over again. Just as other men envied Laurent for having such a stunning trophy wife, other women wished they had a husband or boyfriend as handsome, charming, and sexy as Laurent. What wasn’t widely know was that not only were Noelle and Laurent swingers—they were both bisexual, which gave them access to a larger and more varied pool of potential casual sex partners than a strictly heterosexual couple could explore.


Publication Date
Jan 15, 2022
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By (author): Henri Couesnon



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