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How to Unschool: A Beginner's Guide

ByJ. L. La Salla

Have you ever wondered what unschooling was all about? As an unschooling mom of 8 years, I can teach you: What is "strewing" and how to do it. How to overcome the battle of learning. Why rote learning is not always the best way to learn. Why intrinsic (inner) learning beats extrinsic (outer) learning anyday! Why you shouldn't try to be the "teacher" with your kids (they can teach themselves). Why "work" and "fun" should be one in the same (and how it leads to lifelong learning). Video games are not as bad as you might think (and how they teach kids better than you can at times). How to use the gentle art of "re-direction" to get kids out of crabby mode. And lots more! Not only will this give you the basics on what unschooling is (and what it isn't), you can jump head first into this lifestyle with the confidence of knowing what you're doing!


Publication Date
Mar 28, 2013
Parenting & Families
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By (author): J. L. La Salla



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