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Nulli Sekundus - 2nd to None (issue 19)A

Nulli Sekundus - 2nd to None (issue 19)A

ByJackie Hill

Toxicity is a big problem these days, not only because of global warming and world pollution, but also in more subtle ways that can affect our mind, body, soul and spirit. Optimum health, well-being and wholesomeness are gradually being attacked and eroded, often unknowingly, through poor food quality and addictive substances, negativity, and even disbelief, for many people are completely unaware of this bombardment to their system. These people go through life as tossed to and fro, completely unaware they are being controlled by others. To live consciously is to wake up to and become aware of what we might be unconsciously doing that causes us to succumb to these dangers, thereby freeing us to make healthy conscious choices that will lead to a life of happiness, health, fulfilment and purpose. Inside I will suggest to you ways on how you can cleanse your body, mind and spirit of negativity and toxicity.


Publication Date
Jun 28, 2012
Personal Growth
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By (author): Jackie Hill



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