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Build Your Own Web Server From Scratch in Node.JS

Learn network programming, HTTP, and WebSocket by coding a Web Server

ByJames Smith

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# Learn by doing: code a Web server in Node.js Most people use HTTP daily, but few understand its inner workings. This "Build Your Own X" book dives deep, teaching basics from scratch for a clearer understanding of the tools and tech we rely on. - Network programming. - Protocols & communication. - HTTP in detail. - WebSocket & concurrency. The project uses Node.js and TypeScript without any dependencies, but many concepts are language-agnostic, so it’s valuable for learners of any language. ## Beyond coding exercises At the end of each chapter, there are discussions about: - What’s missing from the code? The gap between toys and the real thing, such as optimizations and applications. - Important concepts beyond coding, such as event loops and backpressure. These are what you are likely to overlook. - Design choices. Why stuff has to work that way? You can learn from both the good ones and the bad ones. - Alternative routes. Where you can deviate from this book. ## Build your own X Why take on a build-your-own-X challenge? A few scenarios to consider: - Students: Solidify learning, build portfolio, stand out in future careers. - Developers: Master fundamentals beyond frameworks and tools. - Hobbyists: Explore interests with flexible, extensible projects. This is part of the “Build Your Own X” book series, which includes books on building your own Redis, database, and compiler.


Publication Date
Feb 14, 2024
Computers & Technology
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By (author): James Smith


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