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Knowing God

ByJames Tarter

Mankind has many conflicting ideas about what God is really like. God created the whole material universe by His Word, and then the Word of God emptied Himself to become a speck in a tiny part of it. Why? To show people exactly what God would be like if He lived in a limited human body like our own. This also allowed Him to become a perfect Example of how we should live on earth and to pay a just price for the sins of mankind, His creation. This book provides a foundation for understanding the character and nature of God, showing how God's provision in Jesus is very different from what any religion provides. This difference is vital for preparing us for all eternity. God's way to save us through Jesus helps us to grow in true love and cuts through a deadly self-righteousness that, if God allowed it, would even lower the quality of heaven. This book was first written for people in South Sudan, but can help people anywhere who want to find meaning and purpose for their lives on earth.


Publication Date
Apr 7, 2011
Religion & Spirituality
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By (author): James Tarter



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