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Spilled Words

ByJanet M. Moreland

Janet M. Moreland is not a poet of the classical era. In "Spilled Words," her free verse, prose and lyrical rhythms may be separated for a given poem, then mixed with wild abandon as her heart spills words upon the printed page. "Spilled Words" contains poems for family and friends, for loves remembered, words from her Cherokee spirit, all of which may enchant or annoy but are sure to entertain. Her sense of humor is never far away and gives an insight into the life of this singular poet, who describes herself as a "recluse, living in an oasis in the midst of the barren desert, where I may wander with the spirits who dwell in these mystical mountains." Here also are some of her short stories and a poem titled "Thunder's Mother," which was written for children. Janet strives to entertain, and here is her entertainment at its best, as when she writes: I shall visit that place called Solitude again. It’s peopled with interesting, vaporous souls who haunt its spaces in search of new touches.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
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By (author): Janet M. Moreland



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