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Difference Between Lovers & Friendship

Typical Baby Momma

ByJasaria Moorer Bey

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THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOVERS & FRIENDSHIP PART 1 MS. CHATWOOD RECIEVES THE KNOWLEDE Chief Goddess Jasaria Chatwood As the president of Moorerish Goddess Executive Notary Service’s, Jasaria hails from Forest City, Arkansas. She entered the notary business when she moved to Michigan. There, she launched BDIVA Health & Wellness and ran a successful Elderly Care company from 2017 to 2020. After becoming the Executive secretary & Notary for (MNB) she was responsible for organizing all activities of several top executives including Rev Dr. Moorer and Dr. John Beason III., Jasaria launched Moorerish Goddess Executive Notary Services in 2020. Having been notary for several licensed Realtor through HHEAT LION Foundation South Side Community Revitalization buy back the block program, she understands the real estate process. Customer service is the key to her success and she has a winning philosophy for taking care of her clients. Your business will always be taken care of properly, thoroughly, and in a courteous manner. Your business is my concern. Together we succeed! Moorerish Nation Builders of America #BUYMoe #BlackOwnedPublishers PART 2 MRS. MOORER BRINGS WISDOM TO A GENERATOR OPERATERS & DESTROYER Jackquline Moorer is co-owners of "Moorer House Publishing/HHEAT MEDIA GROUP and House of BDIVA, best selling author of "Diary of a Prisoners Wife", and the publisher of BDIVA Magazine. As the manager of her ex-husband "KingPen A.S." career they have build an independent brand that reflects their Life & Love story and experiences striving to achieve their dreams while making many sacrifices. PART 3 UNDERSTANDING ART IMATATED LIFE & LOVE Rev Dr. Moorer is a recently divorced author and revolutionary street lit author homesteading in Benton Harbor Michigan. The Moorerish Brotherhood code of conduct when dating. Women think they are competing with other people when dating me, but really I'm comparing you to my own solitude. That's the competition. Can we co exist in the same space progressive. Does your company inspire my King's Pen to Generate Operate & Destroyer or should I mind my own business being alone? Can we progressively co-exist in the same space and time? That's the minimum qualification of Moorerish friendship. Love Truth Peace Freedom & Just Us! I am religious about my Life & Love. Moorerish Nation Builders of America


Publication Date
Jul 4, 2021
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By (author): Jasaria Moorer Bey



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