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Hammersong's Legacy

Hammersong's Legacy

ByJason Kemp

It has been a century since the War of All Gods has ended, and the land of Cameria has yet to heal from the devastation. The Duar Protectorate that watched over the people of the Eastern Shores fear the worst, now that the great warrior-king, Ollum Hammersong, has passed. Despite the twisted monstrosities that roam the lands, the people have made their first steps toward recovery. Now, a Regent’s Council rules as agents of Balmordak travel abroad in search of the king’s missing heir. Hammersong’s Legacy provides a strong foundation for running a campaign set in this post-apocalyptic fantasy setting, providing full details on the gods, races, history and cultures of Cameria, a wide range of 66 adventure seeds, a small bestiary of more than 60 beasts, and more. Referees will find herein a rich and vibrant setting for their fantasy campaigns, which in turn will provide hours of joy and entertainment as your players explore these shattered realms and discover the secrets of Hammersong’s Legacy.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jason Kemp



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