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Exploring the Diminished Harmonica

A Guide to Playing 10-hole, 12-hole, and 13-hole Diminished Harmonicas

ByJason Rogers

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Exploring the Diminished Harmonica by Jason Rogers. Coil-bound edition for use on the music stand. If you want to break out of old patterns of playing, or start your journey with an empowering new instrument, this book is for you. Includes clear instructions for beginners, direction on which harmonica to buy, concepts for advanced musicians, and examples from multiple genres of music. The “Dimi” is a typical harmonica except for one thing: The reeds are tuned to a different set of pitches than is customarily found on the harmonica. The Dimi enables the player to play fully chromatically with easy half-step draw bends alone and requires only three patterns to play any phrase in all keys. Brendan Power says: "Exploring the Diminished Harmonica is going to be the bible for diminished diatonic harmonica for years to come." Pat Missin writes, in Harmonica World magazine: “With such a flexible tuning, any guide to its use will only be able to scratch the surface of what can be done, but with this book, Jason Rogers carves some pretty deep notches, with clear explanations and musical examples drawn from a wide range of sources, presented in standard notation and tab. If you are curious about this tuning, or if you have been playing it for a while already, I guarantee that you will find plenty of useful information in these pages.” Forewords by Brendan Power and Pat Missin. Edited by John Shirley and Madelyn Rogers. Design by Adam Hay.


Publication Date
Oct 12, 2021
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jason Rogers


Coil Bound
Interior Color
Black & White
US Letter (8.5 x 11 in / 216 x 279 mm)

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