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The Unseen Wounds of Women

A Collection of Stories From Real Women Who Stopped People Pleasing, Tamed Their Shame & Unlocked Their Invisible Cage To Freedom

ByJessica Parente

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Stop the people pleasing, tame the shame and unlock the invisible cage to more joy, love and connection. The Unseen Wounds of Women is a collection of stories inspired by the women participating in The Embodied Self Leadership Mastermind who dared to be vulnerable and share how they allowed the unseen to be visible and realising the key to their invisible cage was in their hands all along. Healing their unseen wounds meant they not only healed themselves, but they also broke the generational cycle of trauma and healed the next generation. Unlocking their own trauma has allowed them to stop the people pleasing and tame their shame. They no longer seek external approval and validation for their sense of worth but realise they were simply good enough for who they were all along. These women realised it was finally safe to be themselves and have worked at a deep nervous system level to heal all parts of them because we have no bad parts of us. Only parts with a loving intention albeit with a destructive impact. They are all turning their pain and struggle into purpose and strength to make an impact in the world creating a life of joy, love and connection for themselves, their family and their wider community to give women just like you HOPE. Hope that you can move from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS to POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH.


Publication Date
Sep 21, 2022
Biographies & Memoirs
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By (author): Jessica Parente


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