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The Quixotic Realm

ByJillian Hall

The Quixotic Realm. Meaning a land of cast out angels, vampires, and other beings who once defied Heaven. However their paradise has fallen to darkness. Disease, famine, and death have spread over the land as a vengeful being seeks his lost love. Plain and tormented, 16-year-old Reina has always wanted something more in her life. Rejected by her peers as strange, Reina secretly struggles with vicious dreams and mirages that take a hold of her being. When the love of her life is sent into a coma and a mysterious new pain begins to attack her, she finds herself thrown face first into a foreign world where she begins to discover that what made her a freak on earth makes her a Queen in the strange, new world - the Quixotic Realm. While still fighting for her self worth, Reina is forced to become the hero she never wanted be, in the end finding exactly what she was looking for, whether good or bad. Come and escape to the Quixotic Realm.


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jillian Hall



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