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I Choose


“I Choose” is a powerful reflection of experiences, emotions and devotions. It represents different aspects of my life, wrapped in a spiritual blanket of truth. In its creation I’ve realized that our younger generation is experiencing some of the same. It is a story of a group of teens who are leaving one season of their lives, torn between right and wrong, fighting off feelings of depression and searching for the love and attention they are not receiving at home, and entering into the next phase of their lives, unsure and confused. “I Choose” is for all ages in that it touches on relationships, friendships, the dynamic between a single parent and her children, the many choices we all face in our everyday lives and so much more. I truly believe that anyone who reads it will be moved and I pray that it will cause people to think about their spiritual walk and or relationship with God. I also believe that “I Choose” has the opportunity to change lives in one way or another.


Publication Date
Sep 22, 2013
Religion & Spirituality
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): JLorain



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