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Psychological Manipulation with Subliminal Technology

ByJohn Hill

Have you ever been manipulated by an unscrupulous person? Do you want to turn the tables and learn the art of manipulation for yourself? Could this skill help you in your daily life or career? Being able to manipulate others to get what you want from them is a skill that is as old as human nature. As we have evolved into our current forms, so have we developed this skill and in some cases even perfected it. Of course manipulation can be used for a lot of nefarious purposes and be incredibly harmful to those are subjected to it but it can also be used for good as well and where’s the harm in using it to get on in life? This short book aims to show you how you could make manipulation work for you and defend yourself against anyone who tries to use it against you, with chapters that include: • How to use emotions to manipulate others • Signs that you are being emotionally manipulated • How to avoid being psychologically manipulated when negotiating • How to avoid being controlled through confusion and compulsion • Psychological manipulation techniques • Dealing with manipulative relationships • Using manipulative psychology for self-improvement • 4 ways that you can manipulate others • And more… If you’ve ever been on the end of someone’s manipulative character then you’ll understand how difficult it can be and how it can create so many problems for you. The unfortunate truth is that if you are being manipulated then you are likely to be one of the last people to see it and it may someone else who tells you about it. Now you can deal with the issue yourself, and with the help of this book you can gain a much deeper understanding of how manipulation really works!


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2021
Personal Growth
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By (author): John Hill



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