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Warning Miracle

ByJohn Klee

What do an Ohio State quarterback, a robotics engineer, and a Columbus taxi driver all have in common? Find out in John Klee’s new novel, Warning Miracle. Read a complete description of the book at The Warning has been predicted by visionaries around the world for the last 40 years. An interior illumination of conscience of all people on Earth -- all occurring at one time. The Miracle will occur after the Warning at a small town in Northern Spain on a date known only to one woman. Dexter Griffith is a robotics entrepreneur leading the high life who meets Thad Rankin, a taxi driver with an interesting background. Cheryl Hoffman is a food scientist with man problems. Kevin Conaway is an OSU quarterback who is unsure if he can keep a promise he made to his girlfriend. The lives of all four people will become inextricably linked as they rush toward the fulfillment of End Times Prophecy. Not what might happen. What will happen. An End Times novel...first of the RIGHT IN FRONT series.


Publication Date
Apr 24, 2013
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): John Klee



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