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Farm Animals

Farm Animals

ByJohn Steelwell

A dictatorship isn’t evil. It is the evolution of democracy. The people have the right to defend themselves from the evils of oligarchy and the destruction of their culture. Orwell was wrong. Power doesn’t corrupt people. People corrupt power. On an oat farm, one man and his forefathers made a living. There were animals on his farm too. He wasn’t very good at caring for them and they were not as stupid as he thought. Time went on and the animals began thinking, talking, asking themselves and each other: why were they living in sties? One day the animals rebelled. They chose their own fate rather than leaving it in the hands of man. They chose their own path to freedom. From that day forth, they became the animals of the farm. The farm - the Farm. This was a free Farm. A democracy, with the “Farmer” elected from among them. Not for long. The pigs came along. They told the farm animals – they got it wrong. Their path to prosperity is all skewed. The only way is through the unseen guiding force of nature. It speaks to the pigs. It tells them, that they must own the oat fields and the animals must work them. The farm animals must feed them. As the pigs feed on the oat, it will trickle down their snouts. The fatter the pigs become, the wealthier the Farm is. One thing led to another, and the farm animals couldn’t change that if they tried. They became a society forced to carry the dark flames of liberty of the few at the expense of the many. All the animals were free - but some had all the freedom of others. This tale is a tribute to the waning light of democracy and the anticipation of irreversible inequality. This story is a forewarning of the destruction of virtue and dehumanisation of man. A story of the new “progressive” values seeping into the society, serving the corporate interests with their iron grip over the seemingly independent democratic institutions. When the world around you is built on misconceptions, you must first find out the truth to make a difference. In this world the only way to move forward, is to understand the mistakes of the past. The people must be able to mobilise the democratic power to overcome the power of money. The only time a society will be free, is when the will of the people triumphs over the will of the capital. Therein lies the question to the reader: "If power corrupts, then who is keeping the power of the capital in check?"


Publication Date
Aug 20, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): John Steelwell



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