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ByJohn Stuart

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It is generally a good idea to return to the classics in any genre. This also goes for UFO literature. Rereading a book, or reviewing old documents after ten or twenty years is a rewarding experience. You will discover new data and ideas you didn´t notice before. A good starting point is to reread the contactee classics material of the 1960s in order to understand the deeper mystery involved in what happened during that era. John Stuart's strange story appeared in UFO Warning (1963), published by Gray Barker's Saucerian Books for the first time in the early 60's. In his introduction to UFO Warning, Gray Barker said:" I cannot completely understand this volume, and I don't think that many others can either…In its rawest and most immediate sense, it will serve as a warning to many UFO students!" John Stuart began in 1950 by collecting UFO clippings from around the world and reading all books that he could on the subject. One evening around 1952, Stuart received a knock at his door, and nobody was there when he went out. Stuart suspected that this incident was not a mere kid fulling around and somehow related to his flying saucer investigations. Not long after this incident, Stuart was in bed reading late one night when his telephone rang, and on the other end was an anonymous caller (from another planet who warned him to "Stop interfering in affairs that don't concern you! You have been warned!" This warning was not enough for Stuart, and in 1953 he joined a UFO research group based out of Hamilton, New Zealand, called the Flying Saucer Investigation Society. After a few months with the group, Stuart fell in love with another group member and left to found his organization, Flying Saucer Investigators (FSI). Joining Stuart in this endeavor was this "group member" named Doreen Wilkinson (named in UFO Warning as Barbara Turner.) The only two members of Stuart's group were Stuart himself and Wilkinson. Gene Duplantier's cover for UFO Warning has nothing to do with the story that appeared in this book. It seems that Duplantier was the forerunner of the Ancient Alien Theorists. This book is a facsimile reproduction of the original printed text in shades of gray. This book was one of the first to describe the aliens as a threat. Please copy and paste the link for our books at:


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Aug 16, 2022
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By (author): John Stuart


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