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The New World Man

The New World Man

ByJonathan P. Hooper

At the end of the Nineteenth Century, Herbert West, philosopher and social prophet, is catapulted into the future, thanks to a fellow scholar who has unlocked the secret of Time Travel. The world into which he emerges is one he has himself foretold: a post-Christian age, where Reason and Science guide Mankind’s progress and where supernatural belief is forbidden. In this future world West joins in the crusade against the last surviving remnants of supernatural belief. Until he realises that there is one more journey he must make: a journey to the origins of life on this planet, to the remote primitive jungles where man first lifted his head erect above the beasts. He goes back in Time to the dawn of Man, in search of Truth and an end to all doubt. This is a novel of science fiction in the manner of C.S.Lewis’ Cosmic Trilogy, a blend of Wellsian science fiction (especially, of course, the Time Machine) with theological argument.


Publication Date
Mar 20, 2007
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Jonathan P. Hooper



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