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Non-inflammatory immunology

An introduction to the immune system and its pathologies

ByJorge Laborda

This book aims to introduce the reader to the fascinating mechanisms by which the immune system keeps at bay the microorganisms that stalk us every day and threaten to make us sick. The first part of the book is structured as a story in which a bacterium attacks the organism. To defend itself, it sets in motion different cellular actors and molecular mechanisms, which we introduce in a simple way, but emphasizing the most important details as the story unfolds. In particular, the way in which the immune system distinguishes between self and foreign is explained in an almost narrative manner and with simplicity. The mechanisms of action of vaccines and the different types of vaccines that are known, including the novel RNA vaccines against coronavirus, are also addressed, as well as some of the fascinating reasons why microorganisms can evade immune system action and vaccines can be ineffective. The knowledge gained from reading the first seven chapters is applied in the next seven chapters to delve deeper into the action of the immune system while addressing the problems that its malfunction can cause. Allergies, immunodeficiency diseases, autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection, among other interesting aspects, are explained. Finally, the book discusses how the immune system can be pharmacologically and biologically manipulated for the benefit of our health. Reading this book will help us to understand some of the reasons for pandemics and infectious diseases, and the reasons why some overcome them, and others do not.


Publication Date
Aug 27, 2021
Science & Medicine
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By (author): Jorge Laborda



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