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Overcoming Key Moments

ByJoshua Ho

In his best-selling book entitled Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman makes the powerful case, through brain and behavioral research, that our definition of intelligence as measured by IQ is way too narrow and ignores a critical range of abilities that matter immensely to our success in life. These include such factors as self-awareness, impulse control, personal responsibility, social adeptness, and more. These are the kinds of personal characteristics that will be discussed and developed in this guidebook. Emotional intelligence is not fixed at birth; it can be nurtured and strengthened in all of us, as we will demonstrate in the book. You will learn how to create a state of mind that allows you to meet, conquer, and transcend the challenges of your life. You will learn to live from your vision and purpose rather than being reactive to circumstances, events, and other people. The book aims to help you: Understand the four paradigms by which you live your life. Commit to live your life according to the paradigm of personal integrity. Learn how to conquer life’s challenging moments. Give up resentments, complaints, and blame as you align with reality. Recognize choices in your life and take responsibility for your experiences. Clarify and live according to your personal vision. Define your purpose and guiding principles. Implement your vision and act with personal integrity. Value and respect yourself on a deep level.


Publication Date
Aug 28, 2020
Personal Growth
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By (author): Joshua Ho



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