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Home Reckoning to Future Past

ByJ.P. Tuthill, Sr.

Jackson Turmel is a senior, a shakeoff at age sixty-seven. When he turned 55, Jackson was interned into a VR (virtual reality) commune by Cyberpunks. He plans escape from the commune using VR to tap into his memories. He frees himself from the commune on the premise of a leave to visit his son in Lowell, Massachusetts using his old solar car. Going to his hometown he feels the trip and VR jumps into his memory theater create a communion with his past. Jumps weaken him, bringing him closer to death with each instance until he makes a final jump bringing his past into his present. Jackson relives his life beginning at age twenty-four after making a final VR jump into his memory theater. Instead of facing his life knowing what will occur in his future, he begins to see an alternate memory theater in dreams. He lives to be a shakeoff with his wife Patti and they are interned at Free Mind Manner. He discovers the reason for his second shot at life & the mystery behind his alternate memories.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): J.P. Tuthill, Sr.



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