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Case Computer - Abraham Lincoln

ByJustin Tully

Case Computer - Abraham Lincoln is the story of a futuristic crime computer built by Professor Greaves and manufactured by a computer store for the police to use as a tool in catching future criminals. The Case Computers had many famous crime scenes built into them, but the problem occurred when they were accidentally sold to members of the public instead of being given to the police. One of those members of the public is playing around with his new computer unaware that it is a Case Computer. After inviting some friends round Dennis Porter starts talking about what happened to Abraham Lincoln back in 1865, but the Case Computer recognises the crime scene and throws them all back to twenty-four hours before the crime had even happened. They find themselves in 1865 the day before Abraham Lincoln was to draw his last breath, but can they stop the inevitable from happening? Or would they rather just stand back and live through an event that happened almost one hundred and fifty years ago...


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Justin Tully



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