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Jackson Discovers Pattern

ByKatie Deardorff

Jackson is a silly puppy who will stop at nothing to learn all about the world of art. His undying love for art was born when he was just five months old and attended one of his mom’s art shows. He looks up to his mom, who is an art teacher, and he wishes to become an artist just like all of her students. After long hard days at work his mom comes home to Jackson’s never-ending questions about art. In this book Jackson’s mom teaches him about pattern. “A pattern is when something repeats itself three times”, his mom says. She quickly learns to explain herself better after Jackson chews three pairs of her shoes and claims he’s made a pattern. She tells him to go explore and discover pattern on his own. Jackson takes us on his journey to discover pattern and he puts a smile on our face as he finds it in the strangest places; as he digs through the garden, eats his lunch, and even when he goes potty!


Publication Date
Sep 29, 2011
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Katie Deardorff



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