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The Boy

The Boy

ByKaylee Rongers

1. "State Cup Finals" is a photo memoir based on a true story of the time my travel soccer team made it to the championship game of the State Cup Tournament. The story is introduced with background information about my team, and how we got to the point of making it to the championship game. The main point of the story was the game itself, and how the game went. It was a roller coaster, and has a shocking ending, but is worth the read. 2. "The Boy" is a short story about two best friends that have grown up together. Cassie has had a small crush on Drew for as long as she can remember, and feels like he might have feelings for her back. The best friends have beach houses next door to each other, and often spend their summers there together. This year, as Cassie is stirred up on her feelings for Drew, a scary incident occurs, but has a relieving ending. 3. "Last Summer" is a story about a group of four friends, Katy, Josie, Ted, and Ken. The friends had just graduated high school, and went to the beach to celebrate with swimming and a bonfire. On their drive home, something in the middle of the road hit the car when everyone was having fun and high on life. After figuring out that it was a person, and dumping the body into the ocean, bad things start happening to the friends. After getting notes, and being followed around for days, they finally found out who had been stalking them.


Publication Date
May 17, 2022
Young Adult
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kaylee Rongers




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