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Pocket Travel Tips

Pocket Travel Tips

ByKesav Mohan

“The purpose of this book was to compile useful tips that the average person could use to enhance their travel experiences. I had read a wealth of travel books and travel insider websites, only to find that many offered long personal stories and few tips. The experience was frustrating – culling through these personal stories was an arduous task. I wanted the tips, and I wanted them fast. After going through these information sources, I decided I wanted to write a book that was short and sweet – a book that provided you with useful travel information in a short amount of space. The result of my efforts is this text. I hope it is useful to you in your journeys.” Kesav Mohan is addicted to travel. A former student restricted to a strict budgets, he researched the travel industry to learn how to maximize his various travel experiences. He is a 2004 graduate of Duke University (where he majored in Global Justice), and was a George Mitchell Scholar to Dublin City University, in Dublin, Ireland.


Publication Date
Oct 1, 2011
Travel & Adventure
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By (author): Kesav Mohan



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