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Escape From Computer Hell Day 2 of 2

ByKevin Branham

This is a beginning book to system administration on computers. You will have to be little more than a novice to follow this book. The skills you learn can save hundreds of dollars in repairs or even aspirin. This is a follow up book to Escape From Computer Hell Day 1 of 2. You should be proficient at using a mouse, know the difference between a file, file folder, and directory. You should be able to browse your files as easily as the Internet. You should know what an operating system is. Who needs this book? Most of my customers would not need to call me if they did their own system administration. I would be out of business. If you are always assisting your friends with their computer you may need this book, or need to give them a copy of this book.


Publication Date
Sep 30, 2011
Computers & Technology
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): Kevin Branham



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