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Socialism Is a Science

ByKim Jong Il

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In view of the world anti-social offensive against communism and all progressive people, Kim Jong Il wrote the treatise "Socialism Is a Science" in defence of proletarian ideology against imperialist mystification. He confirmed that communism is not a static ideal but an ever-developing idea, that it is the revolutionary banner of the proletariat necessary to harmonize individual and collective and advance to a new society. In doing so, he smashes the old and modern revisionists who declared co-operation between the two antagonistic classes in capitalist society and advances the truth that the working class leads the class struggle for the new society through revolution. Kim Jong Il stresses the importance of seeing the fraudulent nature of the bourgeoisie's "modernizing reforms", which are to protect exploitation, while working to transform man from an object of politics to its master; of avoiding subjectivism by mixing with the masses; of defending the banner of "human rights" from the distortion of the imperialists who weaponize it against small countries like the DPRK; of the purity of social love as opposed to individual love, both in the children's upbringing and throughout one's life; of staying vigilant against those bureaucrats who want to usurp power from the people; and of, always, seeing the people as one's god. These postulates are just as important today as in 1994, everyone is still under attack of the imperialists and their lackeys, and especially those who adhere to communism, who are seen as "fringe", "extremists", "terrorists" and other epithets which are unbecoming. Stressing that the new society is not just a good idea, but a problem taken up for solution is key at this juncture; not only do people need to want a future of their own making, but they must see that it is necessary for human progress. In this, stressing the revolutionary principles of Marxism-Leninism and all the bright characteristics of the new society, all its solutions to the present, is our work as a communist party, and working to bring about people's empowerment is first and foremost our mass work, which is indispensable at this time.


Publication Date
Sep 2, 2022
No Known Copyright (Public Domain)
By (author): Kim Jong Il


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Black & White
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