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Death on The Vine

ByL Lee Kane

Just before high school graduation, Daisy Murphy returns home from a football game and finds her mother standing over her abusive boyfriend’s body – holding a gun. In the aftermath, Daisy flees her home and eventually establishes a new life as an expert winemaker in the Central Valley of California. But as hard as she tried to get away from her past, the effects of that horrible night travel with her. Detective Jake Frisco has unearthed a murder at the vineyard where Daisy in employed as the winery’s expert winemaker. It doesn’t take long to discover that Daisy is haunted by her past and carries a heavy burden. It seems that possible involvement in an unsolved murder is part of her life’s baggage. Does this put Daisy a the top of the suspect list? Can he put aside his growing feelings for her and follow the leads in the case, even if they take him straight to her as the murdered? Can Daisy finally face her past and trust that the truth she offers the Detective will be enough to save her? Will she find the courage to ask for a future beyond the sorrow of her youth – a future filled with love and self-worth?


Publication Date
Nov 2, 2022
All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License
By (author): L Lee Kane



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