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Bylaisha lilaa

blackMaps 2.0.3 Professional (udpated 12/30/2013) Find Unlimited B2B Leads For Free with Skype Dialer and moneyNode 2.0 NodeJS based Business Intelligence Hundreds of Copies Sold Get Yours Before This Offer Ends! After this, the price is back up to $199 Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Step 1: Find Leads on Google Maps Can your business use more customers? Is there such a thing as enough or even too many great contacts? Tired of paying for list after list, having only a few leads out of hundreds of supposedly targeted companies in your niche convert to actual sales? How many leads do you need to meet your financial goals month after month? What does each lead cost your business and what is each lead worth? How many more sales could you make if you spent more time focused on the most qualified leads? If you do not know all the answers to these questions, or you know the answer and know that the fuel your sales process burns through is leads, my product blackMaps 2.0 Pro can help you out! Step 2: Collect Information on Leads At its core, blackMaps 2.0 Pro is a data-mining and automation tool which is specialized for Google Maps. It has been called a 'Swiss Army Knife' for extracting, supplementing and exporting information from Maps.. but it is SO MUCH MORE. blackMaps 2.0 is built on my Maps2Apps platform, which I've been developing for about 8 months and selling/supporting under a couple 'White Label' products on different forums for approximately $100/year per copy with no documentation at all. All that has changed! Now my Maps2Apps platform has full step-by-step documentation detailing each and every feature. Over 95% of features have at least one included screen shot. Step 3: Build Custom Filters and Reports blackMaps 2.0 Pro is my personal 'Black Label' distribution and will not be confined to 'White Hat' type features like others that are out there on the market. Since blackMaps 2.0 Pro now has full user documentation, part of my support requirement (training/answering questions) has been diminishing in volume and I am ready to drop the price for a limited time. Step 4: Export Leads to Sales CRM What are the basic features? • Automates searching of large areas, multiple areas • Automates searching of multiple keywords • Powerful Business Intelligence collection/filtering capabilities • Geometrically creates a drag-net, searching smaller and smaller areas until Google Maps runs out of le


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Oct 27, 2021
Science & Medicine
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