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8 Digital Language

8 Digital Language is a fully digital language, Using numbers to form words, sentences, paragraphs and articles.


A true digital language was born ---> 8 Digital Language [8DL] = 28 88 8. It uses exactly 10 digits from numbers 0-9 to form words, sentences, paragraphs and articles. The birth of 8 digital language [8DL] would be a major milestone in promoting the progress of human society. People of different ethnicities, countries and languages would be able to communicate equally through digital language. It creates a common language. [8DL] does not use the current script of any existing language, but utilize numbers known by every country, so anyone who learn [8DL] is same as learning their own script. Since letters can be freely arranged and combined, The letter of words can be formed in [8DL] is limitless. 3 letters corresponds to 1k words, 4 letters correspond to 10k words, 6 letters correspond to 1M words, and 9 letters correspond to 1B words, but 10k commonly used words cover 97% of commonly used sentences. The word arrangement in [8DL] is based on the frequency of use, and the words with high frequency are placed first. [8DL] specially designed the first two letters to determine the part of speech, 10-49 are nouns, 50-69 are verbs, and 70-99 are auxiliary words. Each part of speech has several fixed starting consonants. Such a method will allow people to see and hear the first 2 letters and pronunciation of the word, and know what part of speech it is. The [8DL] grammar has designed the standard of first priority then minor order. The auxiliary word should follow the noun and verb, and the attribute [adverb] should follow the subject, the predicate, and the object. This is like the telephone number having country code first and then the personal number. [8DL] creates a types of sentence that start with a character-symbol leading the sentence. For example: - 16 50 36 / zʌ də pʌ fə /; = She isn’t a student; The goal of the [8DL] is to pursuit a language that is more concise, scientific, and easy-to-use. In order to develop and create [8DL], the author has devoted himself to research and exploration for 20 years. Hope you find the content useful.


Publication Date
Jun 14, 2022
Education & Language
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By (author): Landito



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